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Celebrating the Elements

34” x 34”


Oneness is the theme of this work – the beautiful interrelationship between each of the classical elements (water, earth, fire, 

air) and their corresponding energy and 

essence. The archetypal connection of the elements to the constellations of the zodiac is also represented.

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Nevada County, CA, is home to an extraordinary natural treasure, the Yuba River.  For many residents and visitors it is a sacred place displaying the awe and wonder of Mother Earth at her most fantastic.  It offers an experience of peace and renewal from the chaos and turmoil of everyday life. It offers hope that our environment can be preserved and protected when a community comes together for a cause.  It is the inspiration to several of my pieces.

Stillpoint at the Yuba Bridge

36" x 24"


Stillpoint at the Yuba River Bridge is a representation of a beautiful digital photograph that my husband created.  It captures the beautiful and historic bridge on Highway 20 which is now bypassed with a new and modern bridge.  It was the gateway to many of our favorite places to visit on the river where everything stopped but the miracles only nature offers.

(In private collection - sold)

Peace and Hope of the Yuba   36" x 22"


This spot on the Yuba is a particularly beloved space for my husband and myself, a source of wonderful memories that began as teenagers. In addition to portraying the beauty of the river I added two personally significant symbols.  One is a cairn, a pyramid-shaped stack of rocks that some visitors build to “mark” their personal experience at the river.  The second symbol is the white bird, an icon that I put into many of my recent art quilts.  For me, she represents peace and hope.  

South Yuba I

22” x 41”


The South Fork of the Yuba River runs through the heart and soul of my husband, Gregg, who spent ten years making a documentary film called “Stories of the Yuba.”   I created this piece in an attempt to condense the levels of the river’s terrain in one image.  It is mostly hand-painted.

(In private collection - sold)

Meditation on Earth

26" x 48"

Meditation on Water

26" x 48"

Meditation on Fire

26" x 48"

Meditation on Air

26" x 48"

Capturing the essence of each classical element in relation to chakras/color, Jungian personality types, signs of  Zodiac and other archetypal perspectives provided the direction for this cohesive series.  The pieces are offered as shrines to Earth, Water, Fire and Air.   

The initial impetus for working with the theme as a series came from an ARTful Women project and exhibition called “Fiber & Poetry:  Earth, Water, Fire, Air.”  The exhibition included the works of four ARTful fiber artists and four talented and accomplished poets from Santa Clara County.  Sixteen fiber works provided the inspiration for ekphrastic poems created specifically for the exhibition.  Together we created a beautiful exploration of the classical elements in texture, color and words.  

Photosynthesis .5

25” x 25”


Contemplating the process of how the energy from the sun and chlorophyll from plants miraculously provides the earth with food to eat and air to breathe was the inspiration for this piece.  It was created to celebrate the magical dance between plants and light – an essence to life on our planet.

Photosynthesis 1.0

 32" x 36"


The miracle of photosynthesis is utterly amazing to me.  With the absorption of water and carbon dioxide, green leaves and plants (chlorophyll) combine with the sun’s light energy in a process that provides the earth with food (glucose) 

and oxygen. Photosynthesis 1.0 is my attempt to depict the formula that represents the process: 6CO2 + 6H2O>>>

light energy and chlorophyll>>>C6H12+ 6O2. 

The five vertical sections of the piece are in proportion to the five basic parts of the formula, and the corresponding molecular structures are depicted within each part. 

(In private collection - sold)

Solar Magic

23” x 31”    


Pondering the miraculous process by which light energy supports life was the inspiration for this piece. Droplets of color pouring from the sun represent the diversity of life on our home planet.


(In private collection - sold)

Butterfly Effect

12.5" x 32”


According to the concept of the “butterfly effect” derived from chaos theory, the flutter of a butterfly's wings can change the weather on the other side of the world. Just imagine what impact we can have to make the world a better place. The sky's the limit! This work was created to remind myself of hope and connection.

(In private collection - sold)

Three Lakes Mirage

18" x 48"


Thoughts about the tenacity yet vulnerability of our planet, the beauty of an adapting environment and the importance of water as the healer to all – inspired this piece. It is a reminder of the current warming of our beautiful Earth.

(In private collection - sold)


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Dreamscape I

20.5" x 24"


Looking for the beauty of color as we live each day, whether in our surroundings or within ourselves or others is the inspiration of Dreamscape.  When struck with light, the beading glows and the textural hand-stitching enhances uniqueness of the piece.   


 (In private collection - sold)

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