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A Tree of Life

32" x 32"


This work honors the miracle of life - the web of interconnection among life forms and elements on earth. The design features the continents as foliage with creatures that may correspond to them. Although only a tiny leaf on the tree, human beings are responsible for its future. May we learn to protect, cherish, nourish and preserve the Tree of Life so it may grow in peace and harmony.


(In personal collection - NFS)


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A Tree of Hope

60” x  65”


Given these turbulent times, I chose to create A Tree of Hope to inspire hope within myself and others. Initially, my idea was to simply convey hope as an action verb, not just a wish that requires little or no effort. Empowered by hope, the process of doing something drives us, whether or not the full fruition of our goals are ultimately reached. Bottomline, without hope we can be left with paralyzing fear, depression and despair.

My tree of hope serves as a symbol of perpetual growth and life. The roots represent pathways from despair and darkness; the branches represent some actions and attributes that lead to change; and the foliage represents some examples of intentions and goals toward which we devote our efforts and dreams. 


(In personal collection - NFS)


This 4-part series, "Meditations on Seasonal Moons", is another exploration of the seasons of nature and my life.  

Each piece has an inscription and is 19" x 38".

Winter Moon

... a time for reflection and stillness

Spring Moon 

... a time for beginnings and hope

Summer Moon

... a time for liberation and joy

Autumn Moon

... a time for change and gratitude


Living the Seasons

35" x 35"


The central theme of "Living the Seasons" is annotated in two hand-embroidered lines of poetry on the front of the piece.  "Breathe in the beauty and radiance of each season.  Honor the cycles of life with love, patience, and gratitude."  The work was inspired by the seasons of my beautiful home environment as well as the passages of my personal life, celebrating and coping with the rhythm of the journey.  It is also an exploration in the mandala form, using a seasonally-based study in color.


(In private collection - NFS)


Into the Forest

20” x 26”

The inspiration for this piece came from an imaginary walk through a forest.

The image reflects my feelings at the time.   With eyes pointed down to the forest bed, only the intricate details of a very small space were the focus, not the big picture of the beauty of the place.

Somber Reflections

26” x 36”


The inspiration for this work came from the desire to pay homage to 23 beautiful pine trees that were abruptly removed from the small lot next to our home. Some of these trees were over 100 hundred years old and within one week the ground was bare with many species of creatures losing their homes.  Although the radical destruction of the beautiful forest remains incredibly disturbing, focusing on the beautiful beams of light glistening on the low growing ivy and plants brings some comfort.


(In private collection - sold)


Hope on the Horizon  40" x 25"

I made this piece while dealing with a very personal and difficult loss. The design goal was to create a beautiful, still and solemn landscape that portrays a message of hope. The light of a new day and the flying white bird were used to convey the message. The hope and prayer being that despite complete sadness, grief will subside in time and wonderful memories will begin to fill the hole left in one’s heart. 

(In private collection - sold)



Love in the Language of Flowers   48"x 36"

This "love bouquet" is based on traditional meanings that have been given to each flower over time. For me, they represent the most important elements of love. Each flower on the piece has its meaning stitched on it - kindness, patience, friendship, gratitude, memories, loyalty, attraction and harmony. The flower designs are based on beautiful close-up photographs taken my husband, Gregg.

Earth Prayer

32" x 33"


This work is offered as a prayer for the Earth - the beautiful, abundant home that we share with a vast diversity of life and cultures represented by the flags of the world nations and symbols of major religions.  The central theme and inspiration is hand-embroidered on the bottom of the piece:  “May we live as one earth family sharing a common destiny."


(In personal collection - NFS)

A Wisdom Tree

34" x 37.5"


"A Wisdom Tree" was inspired by personal reflections on the concept of "wisdom" which has intrigued me for years.  When I found wise-tree themed fabric designed by blind painter, George Mendoza, my design board quickly became crowded with several cut-up pieces of his collection which I enhanced with thread, paint and dye.  I also added my favorite "words of wisdom" to the tree, completing the theme and making a statement about my life goals and aspirations.  


(In private collection - sold)

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